Oh the Nerves!!!

PTLS FACT for Today:
Nerves, Anxiety, Oh My!
Anxiety and nerves can get the best of our children and adults. Once it sets in their mind, it is very difficult for them to stop it. Anxiety can present itself in many ways; crying, increased stimming, and vomiting. Once they vomit, they are able to regain control, release the anxiety and refocus. Observing the cues, and looking for the trigger (which can be seen as something small or insignificant to the parent,family, friends or teacher) can help this situation. Often times, once the trigger is planted in their mind, it is not able to be easily removed or redirected until they can follow through with the needed release, so they can process this in their way, not so much in the way many feel they should. It is the way their beautiful minds work, and all they ask is to be validated, help with calming the situation and respected. What can you do? Watch for the facial cues they will give. Look for the triggers and prepare them to reduce the anxiety, or simply avoid them. Help them learn to avoid their triggers, or learn coping skills to help them through.~Julie Smith-Centeno 2010



Sight Reading is the way to go!

For all the little ones who have headed back to school, I hope the year has started well. Some of our kids are learning their colors, some are learning their letters, others are learning to read and write. Whatever they are learning, I hope they are learning in the manner that works for them. Please keep in mind, many learn to read best using sight words (flash cards, pointing to words while reading, etc), instead of sounding the word out (phonics). They are also often very literal with everything. As long as instructions are clear and simple (ex. go get your book vs. go over there and get your book and bring it here, then go sit down.) This is part of why they mimic so well. When we go about our daily activity, or kids are busy playing, our kids are busy observing them do these activities as they are, without all the flowery words we tend to add when giving instructions. Even though our kids are very intelligent, their minds are very busy so keep life simple! Have a wonderful school year everyone!