The Great Imitators

tate t sm for cover

Are you a parent wondering what the best way to teach your child is? Are you a teacher who has the pleasure of having one of our children in your class? Our children are wonderful at mimicking those around them. They will begin by sitting or standing off to the side observing. Once they can pick out who the active children are, and who the calm children are, they will begin to engage. They will gravitate to the once who are calmer, as they are not sure how to protect themselves when another child begins to engage in an aggressive manner.

They will observe the good, the bad and the ugly. If they are in a room with “typical” children, you can expect them to improve in learning, speaking, and increasing in their activity. They will require a firm routine and predictability in their surroundings. A parent will always know what happened at school, because the child will line up their dolls or toys and begin to teach them, almost word for word, what the teacher said and what the children around them were saying.

Teach through actions. Learn through observations.


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